The Reading Test


IELTS Academic, 60 minutes.


There are three sections, each containing one long text.

The texts are all real and are taken from books,magazines and newspapers. They have been written for a non-specialist audience and are on academic topics of general interest, which means you do not need specialist knowledge to do well. Texts range from the descriptive and factual to the discursive and analytical. Texts may contain non-verbal materials such as diagrams, graphs or illustrations.

IELTS General Training, 60 minutes.

There are three sections.
Section 1, Contains two or three short factual texts, one of which may be composite (consisting of 6-8 short texts related by a topic, e.g. hotel advertisements) Topics are relevant to everyday life in an English speaking country.
Section 2 Contains two short factual texts focusing on work-related issues (e.g, applying for jobs, company policies, pay and conditions, workplace facilities, staff development and training.
Section 3 Contains one longer, more complex text on a topic of general interest. You will be reading real passages taken from notices, advertisements, company handbooks, official documents, books, magazines and newspapers.


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