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Welcome to IELTS with
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IELTS with Arun Anand

Live Online IELTS Exam Preparation

  • Get ready for your IELTS Speaking and Writing Tests from the comfort of your home
  • Speaking Practice. Essay/ Graph Report/ Letter Writing.
  • ONLINE Round the clock IELTS Exam Preparation Assistance.

How it works ?

You use the telecommunications applications like Skype or Zoom to practise your speaking or writing for the IELTS test from home

The trainer interacts with you and provides you valuable feedback about your perfomance online

You learn hundreds of strategies and techniques to answer any unanticipated questions in the IELTS test

The trainer notes gaps in your knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary and provides you personalised training

You learn how to write high band IELTS essays,graph reports and letters easily from an expert IELTS trainer

You attend weekly mock tests to assess your improvement in speaking and writing


  • ✶Welcome to my IELTS Online Speaking and Writing Practice Website
  • ✶Live Online IELTS Preparation
  • ✶Get your target IELTS Band Score from the comfort of your home

Why choose me?

I have over ten years of experience teaching IELTS preparation classes

I have specialised in IELTS writing and speaking

I have helped hundreds of candidates who were stuck with a score of 6 or less for speaking or writing to get a 7+ band score

I have my own IELTS preparation course that I have developed based on my years of classroom experiences

I assure all the individual attention you require to achieve your target score

I believe that in the IELTS test your success depends only on the trainer you have chosen and the course he has taught you, and not on the online popularity of the training institute,as it is just marketing.

I write essays,graph reports and letters live to teach you how to do it step by step

I answer speaking questions for you to teach you how you should perform at the real test

I correct the essays,graph reports and letters you have written and provide valuable feedback for improvement

I am available on Whatsapp outside of class hours to answer any questions or doubts you have.

Key Features

All you need is a computer,tablet or mobile phone to practise your speaking or writing for the IELTS test

You can choose the number of practice sessions you require.One hour speaking or writing session costs Rs 400 only

Training for Academic and General Training Module available

You can choose to attend practice sessions on Skype or Zoom

You can book a practice session for anytime between 5 am to 11 pm Monday through Sunday

The IELTS Test

General Information about the Test

Reading Test

IELTS with Arun Anand

The IELTS speaking test comprises of 3 parts and lasts 11 to 14 minutes.The academic and general IELTS...

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Writing Test

IELTS with Arun Anand

There are two parts. Responses to Task 1 and Task 2 should be written in an academic,semi-formal or neutral style...

View Details

Speaking Test

IELTS with Arun Anand

The IELTS speaking test comprises of 3 parts and lasts 11 to 14 minutes.The academic and general IELTS...

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Listening Test

IELTS with Arun Anand

The listening test is the same for both IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training....

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Why IELTS with Arun Anand?

Expert Trainer

IELTS training from an expert trainer.


Flexible timings to practise for your IELTS test

High Band Score

Customised IELTS preparation to ensure a high band score.


One on one Training.

Affordable Rates

IELTS practice at affordable rates.You buy the number of practice sessions you want.

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IELTS with Arun Anand

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My Students Speak for Me

IELTS with Arun Anand

Dr Vipin George

United Kingdom

“I had to take IELTS at a short notice of two and half weeks prep. Being a full time medical professional I wanted a flexible evening schedule which was unable at most of the centres in Trivandrum. Fortunately I contacted Arun Sir at Le Maple Academy and he took me in for evening 4 to 6 sessions. He was able to identify my difficulties and worked along at improving my writing skills. By God's grace and Arun Sir's coaching I was able to get a Band Score of 8,with just two weeks preparation. I strongly recommend Le Maple Academy for IELTS training.”

IELTS with Arun Anand

Bob Jacob


“It has been an honor to be a student of Mr. Arun Anand. He has a breathtaking insight, admirable knowledge about various topics, which, he easily transfers to his students. I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge from his classes. My writing skill has improved a lot under his guidance. It was more than a worth - while experience and his tips and instructions has helped me to a great extent in securing a score of 7.5 in the IELTS examination. I take this opportunity to convey my gratitude and thanks for helping me, not only in the academic level but also, to develop as a better human being.”

IELTS with Arun Anand

Grace Varghese

United Kingdom

“I have had an opportunity to get an awesome coaching for IELTS with Arun sir. He was instrumental in transforming me to confident IELTS candidate in just 18 days. I cleared IELTS academic with 7.5 and UKVI IELTS academic with a score of 8, for which I am definitely indebted to Arun Sir. I would certainly recommend his training.”

IELTS with Arun Anand

Simmy Mathew


“I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to arun sir for his guidance in my IELTS Examination.Thank you so much for your relentless support and coaching during the process. It would have been impossible for me to attain this result without attending your classes.I can now proceed to my next step in the migration application.His vast knowledge about how to crack an ielts exam will surely lead to band 7 score or more.i would strongly recommend his coaching”

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