The listening test is the same for both IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training.There are four parts to the test.A variety of monologues and conversations are heard.You will hear the recording only once.

Section 1 - A conversation between two people set in an everyday social context(eg.a conversation about finding a part time job or accommodation).

Section 2 - A monologue set in an everyday social context (eg.a talk about a newly opened Spa or about arrangements for meals during a conference).

Section 3 - A conversation between upto to four people set in an academic context (eg.a university tutor and students discussing an assignment,or a group of people planning a project).

Section 4 - A talk (eg.a university lecture).

Question Types

Multiple Choice

In multiple choice questions,there is a question followed by three possible answers,or the beginning of a sentence followed by three possible ways to complete the sentence.You are required to choose either A,B or C.


You are required to match a numbered list of items from the listening text to a set of options on the question paper.

Plan, Map, Diagram Labelling

You are required to complete labels on a plan( eg.of a building), a map (eg.of parts of a town) or diagram (eg.of a piece of equipment)

Table, Flowchart, Note, Form, Summary Completion

You are required to fill in the gaps in an outline of part or of all of the listening text.The outline will focus on the main ideas/facts in the text.

Sentence Completion

In this question type,you are required to read a set of sentences summarising key information from the whole listening test or from a part of it.You fill a gap in each sentence using information from the listening test.A word limit is usually given.

Short Answer Questions

In this question type,you are required to read a question and then write a short answer using information from the listening text.A word limit is usually given.Sometimes test takers are given a question that asks them to list two or three points.


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