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The IELTS speaking test comprises of 3 parts and lasts 11 to 14 minutes.The academic and general IELTS speaking test is the same.The test is done face to face with an examiner, even if you're taking a computer-delivered test.The speaking test is recorded, so you can ask for a revaluation at a later stage.

Part 1: Introduction and questions on familiar topics

Duration 4-5 Minutes

The examiner will start by introducing him or herself and asking you to state your name and show your identification.Next,you will be asked general questions about yourself, ranging from your work, studies, hometown to your family. The remaining questions in this section are of a personal nature and the topics will be familiar.Usually,you cover two more topics and you may get two or three questions based on each one of them.

In part 1 you demonstrate your fluency by answering the questions quickly without hesitating.


Part 2: Individual long turn

Duration 3-4 Minutes

In part 2,the examiner will give you a topic and ask you to talk about it for one to two minutes. You will also be given a piece of paper and a pencil for making notes.The preparation time is one minute. On the cue card you get,you will see the question and the points you can cover in your talk.

In part 2 you demonstrate your vocabulary by using some impressive language.

Part 1: Two-way Discussion

Duration 4-5 Minutes

The questions in part 3 will be remotely connected to the topic that you got in the previous part of the test.They will become more complex and abstract as the exam progresses.You will have to express and justify your opinions,analyse,discuss and speculate on the given topics.

In part 3 you will have to talk about more abstract issues and ideas.