My IELTS Journey

My IELTS Journey

ARUN 0 Comments 24/02/2022


Welcome to my IELTS preparation website, created to share an IELTS preparation course developed by me over a period of ten years, based on my experiences as an IELTS trainer in a real classroom.
From the start of my career as an IELTS trainer I have always strived hard to ensure that my students have achieved their desired band score in the exam.But many a time 4 out of 10 candidates ended up not achieving their target score and it bothered me no end. I knew that my success as a trainer meant even those candidates from a non-speaking English background learning the exam skills and acing the IELTS test,enabling them to move to an English speaking country of their choice for work or higher studies.

VI started to realise that most candidates,apart from attending lectures, spent a considerable amount of time taking practice tests from IELTS preparation books,and that for them preparing for the test meant taking one practice test after another till the end of the preparation course.They were not doing anything to improve their English.They just did not realise that they were supposed to improve their English and test themselves only once in a while.Unfortunately this is what is still happening in most of the mass IELTS preparation classrooms across India.

It was the failure of these students that planted the idea of a unique preparation course for my students in my head.I just wanted to write an IELTS preparation course that just taught them the exam skills in a short period of time,enabling them to ace the IELTS test without toil.What I did was I started making notes of the common mistakes each candidate made in writing and speaking and noticed the gaps in their knowledge of English language.I worked with this information for several months and it led to the birth of my own IELTS preparation course and the IELTS preparation products I am offering you are the fruits of my hard work.

It is actually my desire to offer more people the chance to benefit from my course that has prompted me to create this website. Have a look at my work in the Writing Samples section of this website to have an idea of the kind of essays and letters you will learn to write with me.



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